MSU Commons Websites

MSU Commons users have the ability to create their own WordPress websites, hosted directly on the Commons. Users can build many types of websites tied to their Commons profiles including, but not limited to, personal websites, blogs, project websites, and event websites. Groups can also have their own sites, which are particularly useful for creating a public presence for a project or hosting a group blog. No coding is required. 

This general guide for creating websites includes many example sites. 

More information can be found on creating websites in Commons Help & Support and MSU Commons for Educators.

Best Practices — Naming Course websites

If your course website will be used across multiple semesters, name it with only the course title information (e.g. MSU101: Go Green). Please bear in mind that some domains could create some ambiguity for your students. For instance, rather than “HIST101,” you may want to include institution and semester information to avoid conflicts, such as “MSUHIST101FALL20” or “Fall2021-MSU101-001” if your course website will be used for only one semester. Consistency in naming conventions will make it easier for students to find and access your course website and help you keep track of your own websites as the Commons grows.

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